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We were the lucky family that was in front row center at the Saturday Symphony Space 2PM show. So except for one or two moments when our 18-month old and our 4 1/2 year old were probably a little puzzled as to why we were so delighted that enormous monsters were spilling off the stage and into their little faces, all of us were loving every (other) moment. You have the perfect combination of gorgeous and funny, sweet and amazing. All of us were smitten, even Mommy,who had her handbag swiped briefly.

Evie (4.5) were looking on the web just now trying to see if there was any information about how those props and costumes inflated so quickly. We didn't find THAT, but we did see you aquaskipping and ktrack-ing, which led her, sitting on my lap, to say, "I thought he was only crazy on the stage, but he's crazy in nature, too."

Thank goodness for you and Daielma. You've brought craziness, laughter, and beauty to us at the same time.

PS: I've always been a Barkley fan. Thanks for him, too!

Stan, Elizabeth, Evie, Laura and Gaby
New York City, NY Jan 9th, 2011

Hi Fred and Daeilma,

We wanted to share with you how much we enjoyed your show at Fermilab this past weekend. I purchased tickets thinking my kids would really enjoy the performance and my husband and I were surprised how hilarious and entertaining the show was for the more mature crowd.

The beauty and grace of Daeilma combined with the physical comedy of Fred made for a great performance! My daughter was consumed by her laughter - I have never seen her laugh so hard for so long. Part way through the performance she leaned over to me and whispered, "I wish I would have went to the bathroom before it started." We had to change her pants in the bathroom afterwards!

We wish we could see you again! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Dawn and Steve K.
Batavia, IL Nov 10, 2009

It was great to see you both! Time has been good to both of you! The show is so full of joy, love, beauty and laughter. WOW! It was fun to see it from the perspective of being a mom with my kids. WE need more of this stuff. You both are doing humanity's work.

P.S. Mom thinks you are a handsome fella and Daielma is a doll. David has been watching the DVD all morning.--yikes. I hope he doesn't get ideas. I sent out broadcast to my friends about the show. I hope you have more folks this weekend. I will let my buddy who runs First Night St. louis about you--Kelly Weber.

My husband, Steve, David and I ate at the pizza joint down on DELMAR--PI. It is pretty good. It is Pres. Obama's favorite--fyi. Check it out.

Enjoy St. Louis and THANK YOU for the show. BIG HUG to both of you! If you need anything, let me know. Keep in touch.

Jenny Gupta
St. Louis, MO Oct 26, 2009


Thank you, thank you for that wonderful, generous, human performance yesterday in Orono. I feel as though I know you from years past, when I was Artistic Director of Ram Island Dance in Portland, but it's really 6 degrees of Separation. Karen Hurll Montanaro was one of my students way back then, and she remains a close friend and colleague now.

Anyway, I was at the theater representing the children's museum in Bangor and stayed for the show, which was a magical experience. I've seen Alvin Ailey, Mummenschanz, Pilobolus and Momix, but your inflatables are something else again, from the humor and surprise of the first entrances (are those things alive?) to the beauty of the big red cube, and on and on.

By the way, Bill Irwin's got nothing on your ability to go down through the floor, whether by elevator, escalator, or stairs!

So, thank you and Daielma for a wonderful afternoon!

Warm regards,

Andrea Stark
Bangor, ME Sept 20, 2009

Dear Fred, Daielma and Nicole,

What a terrific show you gave for us last Saturday! Your creative and amusing inflatable inventions were a big hit. The laughter and shouts of the kids and 'wanna be' kids were contagious and will be long remembered by an appreciative audience.

It was a pleasure working with you. Your graceful and kind manners made a favorable impression on us. Please consider yourself part of the DogwoodCenter family of entertainers.

All the best to each of you in your endeavors!

Diane Yonker
Fremont, MI Mar 08, 2009

Dear Fred & Daielma,

Just a brief but very sincere word of thanks to you both for an absolutely marvelous afternoon in Columbia.  You have no idea how much laughter and enjoyment came from our 4 seats. You may remember the litte fellow in the red t-shirt that you demonstrated the "lift technique" to.  He talked about it all the way home. The three of them just laughed & laughed and throroughly enjoyed the whole show, as I did.

The show brought back 2 distinct memories of my younger years.
Memory one was as a child I never wanted a show to end. Had the same feeling yesterday. Memory two was after my Mother died, my Father was very much "down" as you can imagine.  We lived in London at the time{ in the early 1950's}, and there, Music Halls offered Vaudeville shows made up of a number of acts. One act was a sketch by a fellow called Eddie Veitch, and the scene was a cafe. Eddie chose an item, and a waiter brought it to the table. It was a sandwich made of a crusty long roll sliced in half. Edie proceeded to eat it from the end, and the roll opened up like a duck's bill. He tried several times, and then finally pulled an elastic band from his pocket, and put it on the roll.  My Father just broke up, and then felt so much better. The power of a simple thing on stage having such  a wonderful result !    Point of the story.  --   Your show is not only simple and very entertaining, but full of humor, color, movement and ingenuity. Congratulations to you both for a great family show.  Good luck for the future. Hope you come back one day. We'll be there !!

Ian Ferguson
Columbia, MD 2008-07-05

Hi Fred Garbo. I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance at the Rochester Opera House last Sunday.

Well, I was blown away by the beauty and creativity of your show. Visually, the colors and shapes were gorgeous. Your "simple" humor was terrific, and the dancer / Dailema was gorgeous to watch. I was in awe of the beauty and flow of the fabric, and also your creativity. As a former elementary school teacher, I have attended many shows with children, and have never seen a show hold the attention of children for such a long period of time. As I looked around the theater at many of the developmentally disabled children, enjoying a wonderful afternoon with their families, I was overwhelmed by the experience, and grateful as well, that I had played a part in keeping the arts alive in little ol' Rochester, New Hampshire.

Basically, it was a wonderful afternoon, and one that I will not forget anytime soon.

I think what I enjoyed the most about your show was its elegance. I enjoyed it as much as anything I have seen in recent years. Keep up the good work, and keep reminding us that the arts are really what matters. Bravo, and thanks again! You two, and all of your "characters" were terrific!

Cathy Taylor
Rochester, NH Mar 29, 2007

Hello...We loved the show in Storrs, Connecticut @ UCONN!! It was soooo much fun!! What can I say?? It was the girls first theater experience and a memorable one it was!! Cody is a big theater buff... and he had such a great time. You are all a wonderfully talented group and we wish you a great snowboarding season whereever you go. From another maniac!! Mathewson Family

Mathewson Family
Storrs, Connecticut Nov 16, 2006

Fred, My grandchildren and I thoroughly enjoyed your show at the Eisemann Center in Richardson yesterday. We have been regular patrons of the children's series at that venue for the past three years and yours was the best show we have seen there. It was very entertaining for my grandchildren as well as myself. We would definitely want to see the show again if you return to the Dallas area in the future. Thanks for a great afternoon!

Cindy Lentner
Carrollton, Texas Sep 23, 2006

Fred and Daielma, My wife and I saw you at the Schwartz Center in Dover DE a few weeks ago, and wanted to tell you how fantastic your show was. I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I arrived but it was hands down one of the most entertaining, fascinating, and just plain enjoyable shows I've ever attended. Pure magic. You both are consummate entertainers and work so well together it's scary. We both are musicians, and I was particularly interested in your choices of musical accompaniment. Each one was perfectly suited to the segment. I did recognize one cut (Shadow Dance by Shadowfax), but was intrigued by the others. Again, thanks for a truly memorable evening, and hope to maybe see you again sometime.

James and Victoria Frazier
Magnolia, DE Apr 25, 2006

We saw your show in State College, PA and we really liked it! I am 4 years old and my sister is 7 years old. My mom loved it, too! We had a lot of fun.

Lachlan Campbell
State College, PA Apr 09, 2006

Wow! I'm still reeling from your show last night in Dover, Delaware. I laughed till I cried and laughed some more when I just visited your web site. Please come back!

Ruth Ann Miller, volunteer usherette, Schwartz Center
Dover, Delaware Apr 08, 2006

I took my two grandchildren to see your show last year and we all loved it. Bought one of your videos and they watch it over and over and laugh as hard as they did at the show. Thank You. Virginia Wells

Virginia Wells
Fountain Valley, CA Apr 07, 2006

Fred ~ I just wanted to write a quick note to say hello! I met you in Tiffin, Ohio at the Ritz Theatre! We were the last family to walk out of your show! The super-tall 'brother and sister'with the chandeler earrings! I just wanted to say that your show was excellent! My nieces Jordyn and Jaylynn loved it! They thought it was too cool! Thanks for signing their program and theatre tickets! We are hoping to buy one of your inflatables for the summer time! It will be used for a great excercise and unlimited laughing! Hope to see you sometime soon! Have a great day and keep doing what your doing! Making children laugh is priceless!

Staci Kreager
Perrysburg, Ohio Mar 03, 2006

Mr. Garbo, I just wanted to write and tell you how wonderful your show is. My Girlfriend, Barbara, and I attended on Sunday, Feb. 12, At Penn State. She and I were one of the only couples there without children, but we are both young at heart. We were both delighted that the performance was entertaining on so many levels, and to all age groups. I especially enjoyed the Red Cube, while she found the the Puff Dog enchanting. Upon reading the playbill, I noticed that you are the performer that brought Barkley to life. As a child growing up with Sesame Street, I loved the various puppets, and even thought Barkley was a real dog for a time. Both you and Ms. Santos (Congratulations to her on her marriage) have created a beautiful and engaging show. Both Barbara and I applaud you both. Thank You.

Matthew Stullken/BJ Clitherow
State College, PA Feb 14, 2006

We (44, 40, 10, and 3)saw your show yesterday at Penn State. It was fantastic. Each of us really, really enjoyed it. My boys loved being able to touch the creations when you sent them into the audience. Thanks, too, for reminding the adults to let the kids touch them first. Keep up the great work!

State College, PA Feb 13, 2006

I saw your show last night at the Majestic. I was in the front row so everything came right to me. I think you did such a great job. How did you learn to do all your tricks so well. You were amazing! I loved it when you did "Do You Love Me." Somday, I hope I can do great preformenses that make the croud as happy as you did. You interacted with the kids so well. I hope i will see you again. Hurry back to Gettysburg!

Mia , age 12
Gettysburg, pensylvania Feb 04, 2006

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Don't think I have ever enjoyed a show more than the preformance at the Majestic last night. You were both incredible..The only regret I had was that I had not brought my two nephews. (I volunteer at the theater)So you can believe the next time you come to Getysburg they will be there..You made a lot of the children in the audience last night know that dreams and hard work DO come true..Thank You!!!and PLEASE...hurry back to Gettysburg. GOD BLESS you for sharing your talents in such a meaninful way....

Gettysburg, PA Feb 04, 2006

in alphabetical order.. artistic integrity, amazing, beautiful, crafty, delightful, entertaining, fantastic, genuine, hilarious, incredible, joyous, kick-ass, lots of laughter, musical, nothing i've ever seen, original, outstanding, playful, quality time, rare, stupendous, terrific, unique, visceral, wonderful, XXX( just kidding), you'll love it, zealous. that's all i got to say about the show.

s. racer
pasadena, ca Jan 18, 2006

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"A wildly entertaining balleto-pneumatic show that melds art with aerodynamics and leaves the audience howling in its wake."
The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

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