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We LOVED the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Remember you took my brothers shoe.That was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rancho Mirage, CA Jun 14, 2005

I saw your performance YEARS ago... Sometime around 1990-1993 in Whitehorse at the Yukon College. We went for my sisters birthday... It was GREAT!!!! Glad to see yer still going!

Sheryl Powell
Courtenay BC, Canada Sep 27, 2004

Mr. Garbo and Ms. Santos,
Great show! Very entertaining! Recommend your show to everyone - definitely good, clean family fun. Thanks for putting up with the heat and humidity in MI.

Anne McNarney
Beverly Hills, MI Jul 23, 2004

Fred and Daielma,
Wonderful show tonight. My whole family had a blast. Thanx for sharing your creativity, your skills, and your enthusiasm. Inflatable is fun!
Best regards,

Doug, Laura, and the 4K Club
Berkley, MI Jul 22, 2004

Hey,I saw your show when you preformed at the stieffle. That inspired me to be a juggler and preformer. I now do the Diabolo and balls and clubs and a unicycle. I know that i wanna do somthing like you do, so i am going to college to major in the Creative arts. Thanks for coming, i hope you will come again.

Salina, Kansas Jun 17, 2004

Mr. Garbo I saw your show this past weekend. All I can say is that you guys rocked. I had a great time thank you very much.

Brian Marshall
St. Bonaventure , New York May 4, 2004

Dear Fred and Daielma,
I am five years old and I just saw your show in Roanoke today. It was so very funny and all the dances were fantastic. I hope you come back very soon so I can take my brother and sister to see you. I am going to buy your DVD on your website tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your talents with everybody at the show. I hope you liked our town.

Adam C.
Roanoke, VA Mar 7, 2004

I love your creations and the show you did. It was the best show that I have seen in quite some time. It was so funny and fun to watch. Your are a very flexible man and I was very entertained by your show, it was GREAT!!!! I LOVED YOUR SHOW.

College Station, Texas Feb 15, 2004

My wife and I took our two grandchildren (ages 3 and 5) to your show at the Staller Center at Stony Brook University on 12/7/03. The show was very clever, fantastic, and to my amazement kept the grandkids glued to your antics for the entire time. Congrats for a show well done.

Herb Schiller
Wheatley Heights, New York Dec 8, 2003

Just saw you at the State Theater New Brunswick today! Great show, lots of laughs. Hope you come back soon!

Susan Gaglione
Sayreville, New Jersey Nov 24, 2003

Three teachers & three assistants took three first grade classes to the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg on Monday, Nov. 17. Teachers laughed as loud as the students! Awesome!

Clearwater, Florida Nov 17, 2003

hubby and son took me to see you on my birthday,i never knew until that night what it was!!!!what a surprise i loved evey minute of the show i can say its nothing ive ever experienced in my life ty for the best show ever seen bridget

prescott valley , arizona Mar 05, 2005

Thanks for sharing the pictures of all the venues you visit. Keep up the good work of making "something beautiful of your life"
The photo cut out thing in Hong Kong is hilarious! Take care, Bonnie

Bellingham, Wa Oct 8, 2003

We just got back from your matinee show in San Luis Obispo, and we wanted to let you know how much we thoroughly enjoyed your performance. Our little ones were absolutely spellbound during the whole thing (including our 4 month old) Thank you for creating such a wonderful, visually stimulating experience! Bless you :)

the Delmore family
San Luis Obispo, Ca, USA Oct 3, 2003

Saw you two at the Allen Theatre today in Cleveland. I loved the show! And best of all, i had my mom and two aunts with me. Aged 72, 79 and 83. They loved it more than i did!

Thanks for a wonderful show!


Dave Cramer
Parma, Ohio Sep 20, 2003

Thoroughly enjoyed your show at UCONN with my daughter and grandchildren---we adults need to laugh also and it was so ejoyable to do so with just plan good fun!!!!! Keep up the great shows and SPIRIT!!!!

Tolland,, Ct. USA Sep 19, 2003

Hey Fred, saw your show at the Forum, never laughed so hard in our lives. Will see you again at Stonybrook. With alot more people. See you around!

Dan and Kim Corey
Binghamton, New York Aug 26, 2003

Thank you for your wonderful shows in HK ~
Your show make me happy again when i am having a sad mood today ~ (16/8/03 3:00 show)
And your DVD is also in very high quality !!
Best wish to Fred , Daielma and all crew ^_^

Yeung Siu Chak
Hong Kong, Aug 16, 2003

Lovely magical site, easy to use, browser friendly and full of information. Many thanks The Zauberer

DD, GER Aug 11, 2003

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"A wildly entertaining balleto-pneumatic show that melds art with aerodynamics and leaves the audience howling in its wake."
The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

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