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We all enjoyed your show in Morganton last night, brought my mother celebrating her birthday and my two children, it was so wonderful to share the laughter and wonder of your creativity. My husband is a sculptor and would have loved the great morphing shapes.
The wonders of your amazing show will spread quickly and the next time you are here we should pack the house. Thank you for a fun evening of entertainment, my children 7 and 15 are also still thinking about the incredible inflatable shapes as well as the fire juggling. We all enjoyed the magical view into your inflatable world. And who can resist the inflatable suits. We all want one!
Happy journeys, will plan to see you both again next time you come to our area.

Liz & Gamble
Linville Falls, NC Nov 3, 2001

When I seen u at Jessie Hall in Missouri I was so
amazed. I wish that I could be in something like
that. But i ant all that tallented.

Columbia , Missouri Feb 6, 2001

We all think that you should put more helium in your inflatable costumes so that you could jump higher. Perhaps our imaginations are in overdrive, but we believe you may be knocking on the door of a whole new genre of performance art that may ultimately make the balcony seats more accessible.

hartsburg, Missouri Jan 28, 2001

I loved the show! So did my four friends thatcame with me. I loved "Greg Zepplin," I thought that was hilarious. Thanks for coming to Columbia!

Drennen Mirtsching
Columbia, Missouri Jan 28, 2001

I LOVED your show! I thought it was funny when you had the inflatable suit on. I also thought it was funny when you accidentally hit yourself with that whip and said "Simba, Simba!" I really liked it when you tossed all the inflatable things to the audience and I got to hit the pumpkin. I want to get one for myself but my mom wont let me. I hope to see your show again soon.
Katherine Hobbs

Katherine Hobbs
Colombia, Mo. USA. Jan 28, 2001

Loved the show. I was a sponsor and got to bring about 55 of my friends and daughters. We all went home with our jaws aching from laughing so much and our eyes sore from being mesmerized. A wild, wacky and wonderful time was had by all.

Julie Wesley
Columbia, Missouri Jan 27, 2001

Saw your show while visiting St. Petersburg in Florida last month,
thought it was fantastic.
look foward to seeing it if it hits my area.

gary s. lukich sr.
toms river , new jersey Jan 27, 2001

The show was Wonderful! Bought a video for my 3 yr. old who was unable to attend and it has become his favorite. He loves the part where you whack yourself with the whip. PLEASE come back to Page soon so he can see you in person. Thanks, K

Page, Az Jan 25, 2001

oi,estao se lenbrando de mim a outra brasileira da foto.Eu adorei ver a nossa foto ficou muito legal,o site de vcs tambem e bem legal.
Daielma pede desculpas ao fred por nao escrever a mensagem em ingles e que eu estou apredendo a falar agora, escrever consegue ser um pouco mais dificil.
Fiquei chateada ao saber que eu so estarei em Boston no ano que vem,em marco eu estarei em new york, nao sei se fica perto de boston,mais se for perto eu adoraria poder reve-los.Bem eu preciso ir,adorei conhece-los , espero que possamos nos reencomtrar.Um grande beijo.

miriam cavallini
birmingham, alabama / eua Jan 25, 2001

I really enjoyed the show!!!!!! Me and my friend Mallory loved the inflatable stuff!!!!! I hope they will be able to come back soon!!!!!!

Kelly Johnson
Page, AZ Jan 19, 2001

My daughter and I really enjoyed your show. She wanted to come home and do a ribbon dance like Daielma. You were very kind to allow us to go up on stage after the preformance to see the inflatable props. I sincerely appreciate your generosity. You are blessed with wonderful creativeness, and thank you for bringing it to us. Jennifer and Erika

Jennifer Potts
Morehead City, NC Jan 16, 2001

We just got home from your show in Morehead City. We consider ourselves fortunate indeed to have seen such a grand show in such a small town. Thanks for loads of belly laughs.


Ray, Lisa, Margo & Rob

The Eatmons

Eatmon Family
Emerald Isle, NC Jan 14, 2001

I LOVED your show--I laughed the whole time!!!
Thank you Grammy for taking me!!
I hope your show comes here again soon!!

Clearwater, FL Jan 13, 2001

Your show is very great! And I love it.

St. Petersburg, Florida Jan 12, 2001

your show very GREAT!!!!!!!
You show very cool

Adam Jugan
Glassport, Pennsylvania Jan 12, 2001

I loved your show on new years.Where did you get the suit? Come again soon.Thanks!Samantha

Samantha Barker
Pittsburgh, P.A. Jan 9, 2001

When I took my family to see your show recently here in Pittsburgh, I had no idea what we were in for. Since both of my sons are deaf, I selected your performance with hopes of getting a visual show to entertain and amuse them. In return, our family witnessed one of the most amazing shows for the eyes that we have ever seen. Definitely a must-see show for anyone and everyone! We certainly were not disappointed in our selection at First Night Pittsburgh! Hope you are back in this area again!

Ken Jugan
Glassport, PA/USA Jan 2, 2001

Great show at Pitts First Night. I hope you come back soon. I would love to take my granddaughter to see the show. Besides the wonderful music and inflatables, your energy and love for preforming makes the show one of the Best!

Linda Griffin
Pittsburgh, PA Jan 2, 2001

Loved your show at Pgh. First Night. My 9 year old was as enthralled as if she were at Disney. I loved the music too, especially the song when you were playing the puppy. Can you tell us about your music?

pgh, pa Jan 1, 2001

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"A wildly entertaining balleto-pneumatic show that melds art with aerodynamics and leaves the audience howling in its wake."
The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

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