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Happy Holidays to the performers who have brought our family so much honest laughter, fun, and a place to be, a joyous "alternate reality" Your DVD got us to forgo buying any usual kids videos. This is a real out of the box show and we are grateful for it as we start the New Year. Thank You.

The Lady in Red
Los Angeles, CA USA Dec 23, 2005

We saw the show in Okoboji last night and are still chuckling. Everyone should go out and buy tickets right now. Even if they are no where near you. Thank you for a fine. fun evening. And some great memories....Come see us again.

Rick & Penny Wiersma
Spirit Lake, Iowa Dec 03, 2005

Dear Mr Garbo, I recently attended your performance at Kutztown University with my 6 year old son and 65 year old mother. It's hard to say who enjoyed it more. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your gifts, talents and delightful inventions. We hope to see the show again sometime with the whole family. Thank you again, and please pass on our appreciation to Mrs. Decker as well. Her grace and sense of humor were such a rare and entertaining combination!

Becky Scalese
Newmanstown, PA Oct 30, 2005

What a wonderful evening you gave my grandaughter and myself, we had never heard of your show but thought we would give it a chance. Now we've sat through the entire performance and any time you are within our area (60 mile radius) we will be there. Thank you both for a wonderful evening and a great show.

Kay Jamieson & Brittany
Big Rapids, MI Oct 09, 2005

I grew up in the theatre. I know from experence you had to work hard to do so well. I loved what I saw. Take care and hope to see the show agian. Christina (an usher)

FSU, MI Oct 09, 2005

Fred and Daielma, Thank you for the great show! My two girls Kira and Kendra enjoyed it greatly! Safe travels to you and your team. Greg

Nicholson Family
Big Rapids, MI Oct 08, 2005

Fred and Daielma, Just got home from the show in Huntington, IN. You guys were great as usual. See you again soon. Dailma, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Wish I had checked your web page before we saw you so we could have said that in person. Best of luck.

Dale, Susan and Phillip (17) Swarts
Warsaw, IN Oct 01, 2005

loved the show at chautauqua...the best show i saw in years. my family loved it. thank you..

thomas chmura
new castle, pa. Aug 13, 2005

What an amazing show!! We had such a great time! The energy you give is incredible! I hope you can make it back to LaCrosse, we would love to come see you again. Thank you for coming back (without the snow this time!) Lynn, Erin, Rylie, & Marie

LaCrosse, WI June 9, 2005 Jun 10, 2005

Hi I am 7 years old I loved your show the best part was when you singed do you love me do you love me do you love me do you love me now that I can dance dance dance shackem down baby and I liked when you got in the dog.

San Luis Obispo, CA Jun 09, 2005

Saw your show at Chautauqua Aug 10. TERRIFIC!!!I hope you play Albany, NY soon!

Hank Williams
Guilderland, NY Aug 12, 2005

Dear Mr.Garbo and Ms. Santos, I loved your show! It was wonderful! I thought the idea of an inflatable theater was great! I am amazed that both of you can run the whole show yourselves. Thanks for coming to Strathmore! Jean-Philippe SanGiovanni

Jean-Philippe SanGiovanni
Rockville, Maryland, USA May 15, 2005

My family and I saw your show the other week. It was amazing. The only thing I enjoyed more than you guys was watching my 7 year old daughter laugh so hard. I was afraid my 2 year daughter wouldn’t sit through the show, but she did and she kept saying “look daddy” through the whole show. Thank you.

Hawthorne, NJ Mar 29, 2005

My mom had seen the advertisemsnt for your show about 5 months ago, and thought it looked fun. So finally, we bought tickets.... and we had a blast. My mom loved the dog the best, and I just thought the whole thing was terrific. What a fun night we had. Fred really kept the show entertaining!

Jamie and BJ
Prescott Valley, Az Mar 06, 2005

I gave tickets to local kids and adults. What a wonderful way to enjoy the show! THANKS!

Prescott, Arizona Mar 26, 2005

Our daughter Amber LOVED the show! (So did we :) ) John, Lisa and Amber

John Hoxie
Arvada, Colorado Mar 16, 2005

Thank you so much for the incredible show. You both have a wonderful tallent and gift. Again, thanks to you, Mr. Garbo and of course Ms. Santos. Congratulations on your citizenship!

Courtney and Papa
Pueblo, Colorado Feb 26, 2005

Thank you so much for the wonderful show. The colors, the actions, and the laughter was invigorating. Our two children were in delight the whole time. You two make a wonderful pair on the stage.

Leslie Snelling
Fort Collins, Co, USA Feb 25, 2005

Fred, we LOVED your show tonight at the Lincoln Center in F.C. A friend and I took our 17 mo. old children and they were mezmorized by your performance! Thank You!

Mandy Toms
Ft. Collins, Colorado Feb 25, 2005

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"A wildly entertaining balleto-pneumatic show that melds art with aerodynamics and leaves the audience howling in its wake."
The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

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