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“...skillful...joyful...buoyant entertainment!”
-The New York Times
“’s visual, it’s sensual, it’s full of life, it’s pure fun and always shakes you with laughter.”
Montreux/Riviera Switzerland

“Unique, outrageous, marvelous - the art of pneumatic vaudeville.”
The Glasgow Herald

“...a multi-faceted exercise in pure didn’t know whether to laugh, clap or simply marvel at the brilliance of his inventiveness...a must-see...”
The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon

“I’ve never heard so many people squeal in delight all at once!”
Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

“...some of the funniest and cleverest exponents of mime, juggling, acrobatics and theatre today.”
Hong Kong Standard

“A wildly entertaining balleto-pneumatic show that melds art with aerodynamics and leaves the audience howling in its wake.”
The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

What the Critics Say

“He has the same infectious comic bravado which made Danny Kaye and Red Skelton such beloved comedians.”
Louis B. Hobson, The Calgary Sun
“There are gasps from the audience one minute and guffaws the beauty collapses into slapstick and is resurrected again for another item.”
The Western Australian
“...last two shows today. Beg, borrow, steal a ticket, even from your kids.”
Julie Morrice, Scotland on Sunday
“Fred Garbo, the “Inflatable vaudevillian", is like the kitten that got at the catnip. From his first juggling acts to his final boogie as Fred “Zepelin”, he filled the Old BNZ with light, happiness and consummate entertainment. The show is the highlight of the Festival Fringe...”
Chris Moore, The Evening Post, New Zealand
“Fred Garbo & Co....wowed the audience...”
The Washington Times
“The use of color is inspired - Their wit is memorable. The show is just plain fun for all ages.”
Karen Brown, The Sherwood Park News, Alberta
“It was stupefying to see such simple showmanship be so absolutely captivating. Garbo & Co. inflatables were magic, deftly bouncing between grand silliness and living sculpture...The way the audience screamed would have thought they were seeing the comeback of the Beatles.”
Werner Trieschmann, Spectrum Weekly, Little Rock, AR
“...a multi-faceted exercise in pure didn’t know whether to laugh, clap or simply marvel at the brilliance of their inventiveness...a must-see...”
Cam Fuller, The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

What Presenters and Audiences are Saying About Fred Garbo Inflatable Theater Co.

“ sincere gratitude to Fred and Daielma for presenting a really wonderful and entertaining performance for Scottish adults and children. We have already received letters from several people saying how much they enjoyed the performance. I look forward to welcoming Fred and Daielma back to Scotland in the future.”
Duncan Low, Festival Director,
Scottish Intern’l Festival
“ It was certainly the best show of our season. It was one of the best since the Playhouse Series started 15 years ago.”
David Zupancic, Sangre de Cristo Arts Center,
Pueblo, CO
“The show was outstanding, and it was enjoyed and their parents. (No small feat!) I particularly appreciated that Fred and Daielma spent so much time with the children after the show, talking and explaining and signing autographs. It made for lasting memories!”
Susan Pollay, Ann Arbor Summer Festival,
Ann Arbor, MI
“The reviews were superlative! Fred and Daielma - an awe inspiring combination of zany antics and delicate grace! Daielma’s ribbon dance was enchanting and Fred’s fire juggling held the audience in total amazement. The inflatable acts are not only original and hilarious, they show the extraordinary versatility of these two talented performers. An entertainment masterpiece for anyone who loves to laugh!”
Marcia White, Director of Activities,
Sugarloaf USA, ME
“Audience response to our questionnaire: Fred Garbo and Company was the #1 performance of the entire night!”
Sharon Stormer, First Night Providence,
Providence, RI
“They are a wonderfully imaginative, creative and mischievous pair and extremely professional at all times. Daielma is a delightful and exciting counterpoint to Fred’s performance...”
Carolyn Jones, Kinossoo Performing Arts,
Medley, Alberta, Canada
“Together Garbo and Santos are an awe-inspiring duo combining slapstick and grace into one of the funniest performances seen by area audiences.”
Rebecca Spainhour, Danville Register & Bee,
Danville, VA
“Our thanks to Fred and Daielma for being every presenter’s dream of visiting artists, and providing one of our most exciting FIREFLY performances ever. Fred and Daielma are not only talented but professional in every way. The timing, grace, ingenuity, and comedy of the act were quite a hit, with young and old alike. The inflatables and their uses are extraordinarily clever...Other presenters had suggested that we bring Fred Garbo & Company to the Firefly Festival because they had been such a hit at their venues. We’re very, very happy that we took their advice.”
Carol Weiss Rosenberg, Executive Director, Firefly Festival,
South Bend, IN

More of What Presenters and Audiences are Saying About Fred Garbo Inflatable Theater Co.

“Without a doubt, Fred Garbo and Company provide top quality entertainment in a highly professional manner. They were a pleasure to work with on and off the stage and certainly added to the magic of this year’s Festival. I highly recommend Fred Garbo Inflatable Theater Company...”
JoAnne James, Producer, Calgary Intern’l Festival,
Calgary, Alberta
“ child gave the show an 11 our of 10 rating and another said that the show was better than a trip to Belgium or Disneyland! ”
Jackie Pagnucco, Horizon Stage, Spruce Grove,
Alberta, Canada
“We were totally delighted, sold out and the whole thing fulfilled our expectations exactly.”
Kay Mengers, Bucks County Community College,
Newtown, PA
“Six to seven hundred people sat in the pouring rain to see the performance and they called for more!”
Phil Walz, Central PA Festival of the Arts,
State College, PA
“Fred’s and Daielma’s performances in Whitehorse were met with rave reviews. I spoke to our sponsor about the performance and he was delighted with it - he has had many people thank him for sponsoring the concert. What a plus for future sponsorships!”
Marilyn Adams, Whitehorse Concerts,
Whitehorse, Yukon
“As expected, the audience was thrilled!”
Kathy Sears, International Festival at Wolftrap,
Vienna, VA

Ref and Statistics

The New Victory, 42nd St. NYC
Cora Cohan, President
Mary Rose, Programming Manager
Janice Chaikelson, Dir. of Marketing
212-564-4222 x 218 March 5-15, 1998
13 performances- Sold out
March 18-April 14th, 2002
32 successful performances over the 4 week run

Imperial Theater, New Brunswick
Peter R. Smith, Director
506-634-8355 fax 506-633-0707
Jan. 27 & 28 1996 - 2 Performances- Sold Out

Victoria Theatre, Dayton, OH
Mark Light, Ex Director
513-228-7591 x 3048 fax 513-449-5068
Feb. 18 &19 1992 - 4 Performances - Sold Out
Nov. 5 & 6 1994 - 5 Performances - Sold Out
Jan. 3 & 4 1998 - 5 Performances - Sold Out
Jan. 15 & 16 2003 - 5 Performaces - Not Sold Out (Big Snow Storm)

Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO
David T. Seaver, Dir. Cultural services
303-221-6735 fax 303-484-0424
Mar. 25 & 26 1992 - 3 Performances - Sold Out
Jan. 19 & 20 1995 - 4 Performances - Sold Out
Feb. 24 & 25 2000 - 4 Performances - Sold Out Again!
Feb. 24 & 25 2005 - 4 Performances

The Kennedy Center, Wash. DC
Kim Peter Kovak, Dept. Head
202-416-8808 fax 202-416-8802
Sept. 11, 1991 - 2 Performances- Sold Out
April 24, 1993 - 2 Performances- Sold Out
Nov 28-30, 1997 - 6 Performances- Sold Out

Selected Performance Venues

International and Other Festivals
Entire Performance History Here

  • Jerry Lewis Telethon September 6th, 2004
  • Rosie O'Donnel Show March 2002
  • "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde" TV show in Paris, France March, 2000
  • Yuletide Celebration / Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra December, '99
  • Hong Kong Festivals’ 82 ‘92 ‘94 ‘96
  • Olimpiada Cultural Barcelona (SPAIN)
  • New Zealand Int’l Festival of the Arts
  • Carnival of Venice (Italy)
  • Festival D’Ete de Quebec
  • Tours of Taiwan ‘92 ‘94 '99
  • World Expo ‘88 Brisbane, Australia
  • World Expo ’86 Vancouver, Canada
  • Scottish Int’l Festival, Edinburgh
  • Irish Int’l Festival, Derry, N. Ireland
  • Royal Easter Festival of Champions, Aukland, New Zealand
  • Juste pour rire/Just for Laughs, Montreal, Canada ‘94, ‘97
  • International Juggling Festival (the NETHERLANDS)
  • Montreux Switzerland Comedy Festival ‘95
  • Navel-land, Fukuoka Japan ‘96
  • Galway Theater Festival ‘96
  • "One More Time" TV in Chile ‘96
  • Casablanca, Morocco tour ‘97
  • Japan 1998 7 week spring tour Theaters & Other Venues
  • New Victory Theater, 42nd Street ‘98
  • Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (DC)’92’94,’97
  • Guest artist w/ Momix Dance Co. in Brazil
  • Houston Society for Performing Arts’94’95’97
  • Alaska Center for Perf. Arts, Anchorage (AK)
  • Shea’s Buffalo Centre (NY)’93’94
  • Arden Theatre, St. Albert, Alberta(CAN)
  • U/CA @ Davis’94 ‘96
  • Central PA Festival of the Arts (PA)
  • Lancaster Opera House (NY)
  • Tampa Bay Performing Arts (FL)’92’94’96
  • Centre East (IL)
  • Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TN)
  • Meadow Brook Music Festival (MI)’91’93
  • Center for Contemp. Arts (MO)’91’93’95’97
  • ArtReach Touring Theatre (OH)
  • Acorn Family Productions (IL)’92’94
  • Madison Morgan Cultural Center (GA)
  • Portland Concert Association (ME)’93
  • Arts Jubilee (NH)
  • Brooklyn Center of Perf. Arts (NY)’92’94
  • Fairfield University (CT)’93’98
  • SUNY Fredonia (NY)’92’95
  • University of Lowell (MA)’91’93
  • University of Maine, Machias (ME)
  • Atlantic Union College (MA)
  • Birmingham Theatre (AL)
  • Ocean City Pops (NJ)
  • Ulster Performing Arts Center (NY)
  • Lilliput Theater (VT)
  • City Stages, Birmingham (AL)
  • Empire State Perf. Arts Center (NY)’92 ‘94
  • Ann Arbor Summer Festival (MI)’91’93
  • Artpark (NY)
  • Ontario Place, Toronto (CANADA)
  • Edmonton Folk Festival (CANADA)
  • John Drew Theatre of Guild Hall (NY)’92’94
  • Washington Center (WA)’91’95
  • Buck’s County Community College (PA)
  • Broadway Center (WA)
  • Lincoln Center, Ft. Collins (CO) ’92 ’95 '99
  • Sangre de Cristo Arts Center (CO)’93’95
  • Yukon Arts Center, Whitehorse (YUKON)
  • Banff Centre (CANADA)
  • Wolftrap ‘93,’94,’95

"A wildly entertaining balleto-pneumatic show that melds art with aerodynamics and leaves the audience howling in its wake."
The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

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