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My class (3rd grade @ Beauregard Elementary) enjoyed your show. We liked when your juggled the fire sticks the best. It was also cool how you did the "elevator thing." Thanks for such a great show!

Drake Catrett
Opelika, AL Apr 23, 2003

I would like a inflatable square. I relly liked your show.I thought it was very funny & cool.

Johnathan Sims
Opelika, Al Apr 22, 2003

Dear Fred,
I loved your show. It was soooooo funny! Are you going to come back to Davis? I hope you do because I want my mom and dad to see it. did you like the Mondovi Center?

Davis, California USA Mar 26, 2003

Hi Fred Liked Your Show My MOM Wants to see it bad and my friend says there was a string yaright cant wate to see it agin.

Cory Sarafin
Stocton, CA U.S.A. Feb 21, 2003

My four year old son was going nuts laughing and squealing with delight throughout the entire show. He was so excited during the first few acts that he kept spontaineously leaping from his seat . The amazing acrobatics and visual tricks were incredible to watch, and impossible to figure out. I kept finding myself wondering "How did they DO that?!" The "characters" (inflated cubes, etc) were incredibly human and absolutely hillarious. We are looking forward to your next Mondavi performance!

Sue K
Davis, CA Feb 3, 2003

I loved the show, I am an eleven year old boy, and would love to have an autographed video. My aunt is sending the check for it. Could you please sign it for me? Thank you so much...

albert brannan
pittsburgh, pa Oct 21, 2002

I am 13, and last night, my friend Sara and I went to your proformance, and we both agree that you guys rock! Tanki ever so much for the outstanding time, I will always remember the terrificalness of the show. Once again, thanx for the fabbitty fab fab time!

Leah Bubeck
Moon Twp., PA Oct 19, 2002

Loved the show. Hope to get to see you again in Pittsburgh, Pa. I am asking Santa for one of those inflatables and ribbon batons for Christmas. Thanks for the great show.

Patrick Clarke
Robinson Twp. Pittsburgh, Pa Oct 18, 2002

Loved your show at the Byham on Sunday. My husband apologizes for having his shoes tied so tightly. He said you almost took the leg off stealing the shoe!! Hope to see you again. My 3 1/2 year old enjoyed the show greatly. We bought the video to show his friends!

Teena Leydig
Pittsburgh, PA Oct 14, 2002

I really Loved your show at the New Midland theatre, Come again soon!

Moriah Parrish(radio face
Newark, Ohio43055 Oct 6, 2002

Awesome!! And I was there (at CenterFest) without kids, as were many in the audience. LOVED it!!

Amherst, OH Sep 16, 2002

we just saw your cleveland centerfest show !
it was AWESOME!!! pleez come back soon!!

Kathleen +Brenda Cawley
Brecksville, ohio,usa Sep 14, 2002

Fred, I absolutly loved your show, I have a 2 1/2 year old little boy, and he was just astonished as I was with the show. My whole family loved it! I never laughed so hard in all my life! Definatly recommend to all my friends. Thanks for such a Great Time! I really enjoyed at the end when the balls were thrown out in the audience. II WAS FUN!

Moria Gauthier
Pittsburg, KS, Fort Scott / USA Sep 3, 2002

Hi Garbo, In two days, I have been in Harrison, remembering your great shows there, saw your pictures and thought of you, and, when asked a minute ago if there were anybody who could teach juggling, thought of you and said "YES!" and gathered the info, and now say to you and Daielma HELLO from the woods of New Hampshire

Peggy Johnson
Wonalancet, NH Aug 29, 2002

I loved your show and my Kids did to we laughed during the whole show. And we had to get a tape my daughter watches it all the time. be safe on all your journeys. Lora Colby

Lora Colby
Rigby, Idaho/USA Aug 18, 2002

Hey, I saw your show at the PNC Art Center I was in a green shirt, anyway your show is really cool.

, NJ Jul 16, 2002

Dear Fred,

We thoroughly and completely enjoyed your performance tonight. I could write volumes of buttery-uppity,greazy-weezy stuff about how much we loved the show, but I can sum it up in one, very descriptive word: WOW!

Please come again!

Joy Pruitt

Joy Pruitt
Wichita Falls, TX Jun 29, 2002

Dear Fred,
I saw your inflatable show on Broadway when I was visiting New York with my dad. I loved it. In fact, it was just awsome. The part I like d best, was the scene with the duck. I hope you come and perform in Boston some day. I would tell all my friends to go see it.

Sam Abarbanel
Boston, Massachusettes May 10, 2002

We saw your show in Bryan last night and really enjoyed it. I just kept thinking how my five year old granddaughter in TN would have enjoyed the show as well as her parents. It was a show for all ages. Thanks for coming.

don & judy ruelle
Bryan, OH Apr 28, 2002

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"A wildly entertaining balleto-pneumatic show that melds art with aerodynamics and leaves the audience howling in its wake."
The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

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