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There were four senoir citizens in our group that enjoyed your show in Green Bay WI. 4/21

Sheboygan, WI Apr 22, 2002

i saw your show when it was in n.y. it was funny. you guys shoyuld do a show in va sometime.

spotsylvania, va Apr 20, 2002

today is sunday march 31,2002 and i saw your show last night. I thought it was excellent. I like to see the inflatable things move across the stage and i take ballet. (Daielma is an great ballerina!!!!!!) I would love to go to another one of your shows if i got a chance. Bye-Bye

Amanda DeSantolo
Great Neck, New York Mar 31, 2002

Hi I REALLY like your show especially at the end when you trow out the balloons.

Jessica Belding
Hyde Park, NY/Dutchess County Mar 24, 2002

I loved the show. The colors, lights and props that you use continue to come into our minds. I especially liked the balloon dog at the end. I would like one of these at home to play with.

Adam Roberts
Summit, NJ Mar 24, 2002

Hey guys,
I just got back from opening night here in NYC and BRAVO!!!!!! I have loved your show Fred, since at least 86 and the inflatable costumes keep getting better! Thanks for helping me to stay young at heart and inspiring me to perform my heart out as often as possible! Air-Dale looks a little familiar to me though...... hmmm a big orange dog......Fred inside........nah must just be a coincedence :) thanks again

Jennifer Wakefield
New York, NY USA Mar 22, 2002

I just saw your show at the Corbet Theater in Centralia.
It was easily the best show that the Community Concerts
have seen. thank you for entertaining us, and taking my boot!

Centralia , WA, USA Mar 12, 2002

Dear Fred and Diaelma:
You are amazing and I waht to be like you when I grow up and or the president.

By for now, Lauren Coles

Lauren Coles
Vancouver, Canada Mar 6, 2002

Took my 6 yr old grandson to the matinee show and we both enjoyed it - a great action packed show for an active 6 yr old with adult stuff thrown in. The inflatables are really cool.

B Jackson
Sioux Falls, SD, USA Feb 24, 2002

We saw your show in Seaford, DE last night (2/13). It was one of the most entertaining shows we have seen in the Community Concert series. The energy that you obviously expended was incredible. Thanks for a great show!

Tom and Barbara Hughes
Salisbury, Maryland Feb 14, 2002

IT WAS AWESOME!!hOPEFULLY, MY PARENTS WILL LET ME GET ONE OF THOSE INFLATABLE THINGEES! You two are very stretchable! You do an out of this world show!!!!!!:) :)

Seaford, Delaware Feb 14, 2002

Thanks for bringing such a great show to Parsons. We bought the video to show our friends what they missed! What a fun evening! My wife especially loved the dog.

Parsons, Kansas Feb 5, 2002

Fred and Daielma,
I saw your show in Vicksburg, MS on 19 Jan 02; and it was just delightful. I have recommended your show to my daughter who lives on the MS Gulf coast. She will be contacting your agency for booking and touring information for an event in which she is in charge. Hope it works out. I know they would thoroughly enjoy the performance. Thanks for a very entertaining evening.

Vicksburg, MS Jan 19, 2002

Dear Fred and Daielma,

We did not have a clue about what your show was to be about. We were actually limp from laughter with your clever presentations. It was so refreshing to see everyone from small children to aged senior citizens jumping to keep the inflatables in the airat the end of the show. Thank you for an unforgetable evening.

Mac & Marlene Domingue
Lafayette, Louisiana Jan 19, 2002

AMAZING!!! I had no idea going into the show what I would see. I was so surprised. You two do so many amazing things with the inflatables on stage. Thanks for putting smiles on so many faces in Long Beach, CA. The audience LOVED the SHOW!! Keep amazing us. Come back a to Long Beach again.

ANAHEIM, California/USof A Jan 7, 2002

Yesterday,being Dec.27,I saw fred and you for the second time!!!I saw you guys at the SOUTH PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL,and Sunday river ME last night.Ihope you to have a great time in broadway once again!!!

Naomi Abrams
Scarborough, Maine Dec 28, 2001

I loved your performence at the south portland high school! It was awsome! I loved it! It was funny also! I wish yuo would do one every friday!

Yours truely,
Christina Bilodeau

Scarborough, Maine U.S.A Dec 21, 2001

Dear Fred and Daelma,
Your show at COCA today was TOO MUCH FUN! I really want to thank you because you gave us all a great gift. You nurture the human spirit with laughter, love and beauty--and I know that in these times this is the exact medicine we need. You brought us together in laughter and fun, as well as amazement. I feel so lucky to have taken part in something so "uplifting," if you know what I mean. Thanks again, Jordan Brown

Jordan Brown
St. Louis,, MO, USA Dec 10, 2001

My four year old son and I saw your truly entertaining show on December 1st in Cleveland, OH. I was expecting someone making balloon animals. Much to my surprise we were so entertained. I often found my mouth wide open in amazement. Thanks for a wonderful show. Good Luck on Broadway.

Strongsville, Ohio Dec 2, 2001

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"A wildly entertaining balleto-pneumatic show that melds art with aerodynamics and leaves the audience howling in its wake."
The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

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