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Before the show... backstage prop tables ready to go
Jul 27, 2005

Daielma and Krista Paulsen work on a bit for the show
In the far back of the huge theater I put up one of our star signs to greet people as them came into the space on that hot night.
Played for our 5th time at Lakeside, Ohio... Great time/ great folks once again. Thanks.
Sun sun sun
4th time here
La Mirada again... great place ...great folks
Daielma and I get to walk the beach near or East Hampton gig just after Hurricane Irene passed through 3 days before
Yikes.. we played here at the Guild Hall in 1992 and again in 2011
Symphony Space for APAP
The last show of spring goes very well at a fantastic facility in Clinton ,NY ....close to Utica. Wonderful place and audience on a Sunday afternoon.
3 shows at a place we have played before. GREAT AUDIENCES
Daielma brings the whole family to Texas. Husband Tom and baby Marianna woarmed us up onstage before the show.
Back at the Eisenmann Center in TX
Had an 'electric' time here and a wonderful/smart crowd.
Mission Viejo theater near LA
Big poster at our show in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Had a great time playing in Chadron,NE again. Photo by Marty Lastovica
A quick trip to Los Angeles for 2 shows where we had played in 2002. Huge, beautiful Theatre
The International Jugglers Association surprised me with their "Award of Excellence" in recognition of excellence in the Art of juggling through professional performance..... wow.. thanks
Yes...that is me on TV...... I was on America's Got Talent when it taped in NYC and I have heard from many folks that they saw the "Alien" inflatable for 'seconds' this summer as they ran bits about whom did NOT make it to Las Vegas.... just
Our 8th time playing at Deertrees Theatre in Harrison,Maine
Made it up in June to Snowboard in New Hampshire on my birthday.
Daielma shows RED GRAMMER her baby Marianna in Virgina last week.
Daielma is BACK! With her mum / Amelia and the baby getting a bottle: Marianna 'saw' the show in Crystal Lake ,IL
Daielma is back! Here is her sweet baby backstage with our LD, Jamie Grant.
Tom and Daielma did it! Here is the new dancer: Marianna
My ice show debut for a GE event in CT! Fred Zepplin did NOT wear skates.... he was slippery enough without.
What a fun place.. built in 1924....Had one fine show here for the breadbasket of the USA. Thanks to Ellie the presenter.
Daielma and Krista rehearsing at my studio in Norway, Maine. Getting ready for the change over in September.
Well summer is here and I have been lucky enough to be on snow.....and snowboarding for the last 22 months in a row... This is MT Hood in Oregon.
Well, we toughed it out at Interlochen in Michigan with Dai, myself and Lindsay Benner and Krista Paulsen.....and a sold out show. Fred and 3 and 1/2 gals....
A spring afternoon a The Colonial Theater in Pittsfield,MA
The 1st time we have even been on a billboard... in Martinsville,VA
The inflatable snowman is inside? Happy/Merry
Arizona was good to us...
Colorado/ Steamboat
This does look like Kansas........ on the road, looking for entertainment.... Daielma taking the shot
Made it to New Zealand to snowboard in August and September... notice the volcano right next to the one I am on... Mt .Ruapeu.. at the Whakapapa ski resort.....
Got to tour Daielma and Tom's new home of Chicago on Segways.
Balance that board!.. Snowboarding in Las Lenas Argentina in JULY!
Nate Cooper standing in as the 'lighting guy' for Lakeside Ohio July 26th show.... nice hair.
It was a hot time tonight.
Traveling to the theater in style in the strech limo with ALL our gear to Clearwater,Florida.
What a great old/new place in Charlottsville, VA..... hope to come back.
Gettysburg folk.
A view of the Grand Tetons... I went to Grand Targee to snowboard with the presenter Don, from Rexburg,ID gigs
Just before bows... they rented the tux for me....
what a place
cast of a hundred! Holiday show!
Tom Decker and Daielma Santos tie the knot.
enjoy the fall.
Bremerton, WA
The gang that made it happen in Yame Japan.. ...... with Happy Days English school and Miki leading the way. Thanks all.
You just cannot have enought "fish" balls in Japan.
Stonington Opera House show was fanatastic and in a beautiful place.
Before the show... backstage prop tables ready to go
Signin' before the show in Aspen, CO.
The "Alien" cube onstage in Tiawan
Visitor backstage at the Mccallum Theatre, CA Daielma did not take the puppy home to Maine. ( she has 2 cats )
The theater's "GHOST" light in Lacrosse.. the best we have seen.
Yup.......chedder heads in Wisconsin...
Hiking at the hot lava in Hawaii while visiting the land at Hawaii Volcano Circus on the Big Island
Daielma is a princess again... Portland Ballet Nutcracker
When in Iowa.......cornheads at the airport.
Bowling Green, Kentucky on a warm fall night.
Dai and "Bear" backstage at our 5 minute bit on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon labor day 04
Dancing in the dressing room in Michigan
Fred finally makes it to Mexico
New que sheets for the calling of the show. Colorado Springs
What a blast to return to Hong Kong and meet such nice folks. The 3 shows went very well and attendence was wonderful.
This was fun and funny.. great bit in the lobby in Hong Kong
When in Rome..... seeing the sights before the TV show tapes
Daielma and I do a bit on Rosie O'Donnell
8 shows a week here at the New Victory Theater in NY City
We take a Silver at this comedy festival in China, along with Bob Berky and Jeff Gordon from the States.
On the GREAT wall with Berky and Gordon.
Well... we did load in at the loading "dock" with the inflatable dog
Our builder George York and his old shop where all the inflatables are made.
A cold new years job in Portland, Maine
"A wildly entertaining balleto-pneumatic show that melds art with aerodynamics and leaves the audience howling in its wake."
The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

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